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Students who major in the humanities may pursue careers in such disciplines as: art, music, literature, theater, counseling, journalism, education, sociology and other liberal arts fields.

The areas of study that are part of the distribution requirements for humanities at Wenatchee Valley College include art, classics, English, music, theater arts, philosophy and world languages.

All students from Wenatchee Valley College and the colleges and universities they transfer to are required to take general university requirements (GURs) that involve the main disciplines of a liberal arts education. This education includes the humanities taught at Wenatchee Valley College.

Humanities Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the humanities requirement will be able to:

  • Distinguish and use multiple forms of expression.
  • Exercise skills in interpretation, analysis and critique.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of creative faculties and processes.
  • Express and produce work which demonstrates empathy for the human condition.
  • Confidently and competently practice and exhibit performance skills.


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