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Robert Graves Gallery Supporters

Many Thanks to Our Supporters

Robert Graves Gallery has many people to thank.  First and foremost are you our members who continue to be the life blood of the gallery. Your annual dues provide the funds for shipping, transportation, accommodations, advertising, honorarium and a significant portion of our ever growing printing and postage costs. We are grateful for the in-kind services provided by WVC and their budgetary allotment, but as the community grows so do our needs.

We thank our volunteer docents, reception volunteers and board members, serving the gallery, college and community with our gratitude as their only compensation.

And we thank those who have offered professional services pro-bono. Our sometimes confusing and frustrating dealings with bureaucracy have been greatly reduced by Susanne Altman, CPA PLLC who, with great patience, has seen us through some difficult times. The Speidel Law Firm developed and processed our new incorporated name as Robert Graves Gallery.  The firm continues to help us with legal advice when we need it.

All of that tedious work goes on behind the scenes so we can fulfill our commitments to the community with style and panache. That image of sophisticated professionalism has largely been provided by Korey Korfiatis and his team of graphic artists at Saggezza Creative Group who designed our new logo, helped us with fundraising, and are helping us create a high quality brochure.

Thanks to all of you for your help and dedication to art, education and community.

Robert Graves Board of Directors 2015-16


  • President: Russ Hepler
  • Vice President: Jim Huber
  • Secretary: Diane Huber
  • Treasurer: Abigail Snyder


  • Communication/Promotion: Twila Morgan, Bridget Brown
  • Docents: Vacant
  • Friends of the Gallery: JoAnne Stevens
  • Information Technology: Vacant
  • Screening Committee: Jim Huber, Susan Kimmel, Robert Wilson, Laura Woolschlager
  • Writing Contest: Jim Huber, Susan Kimmel, Niki Stewart
  • Faculty Representative: Niki Stewart
  • Student Representative: Vacant
  • Support Staff: Seana Freeman

Please join us today in creating a strong foundation of support for Robert Graves Gallery and the visual arts by becoming a member.

Robert Graves Gallery is a nonprofit, community-supported public art gallery located in Sexton Hall on the Wenatchee Valley College Wenatchee campus. It is the gallery's purpose to promote awareness of the visual arts through quality exhibitions, classes, workshops, lectures and related programs.

Even though Robert Graves Gallery is located on the campus of Wenatchee Valley College and partially funded by the college, it is a separate entity of the college.  It is a gallery for all of us in North Central Washington. The majority of funds needed for operating come from membership fees, donations, art exhibits and sales events.


Robert Graves Gallery offers a variety of membership options to allow your participation in supporting art in our community. Every membership confirms your support for our basic goal of providing a venue for the exhibition of a diversity of high quality art in our community. Join us today!