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Student ID and PIN

Student Identification Numbers (SID) & Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)

Each student who attends WVC will be assigned a Student Identification number, or SID.

  • Student Identification number, or SID
    • This is the random nine-digit number assigned to you by WVC after your application was processed. Please see the Display My SID page if you have forgotten your number.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    • This is a six-digit number that is assigned to you during application to WVC.  It is initially set to your birthdate (MMDDYY).

The SID and global PIN can be used together to access your records through the WVC website, so we strongly advise that you keep them private. You have the option of changing your global PIN through the WVC Student Kiosk page.

Please note that due to privacy regulations WVC staff are not allowed to give out SID or PIN information over the phone or e-mail. You can get your SID through the Student Kiosk with your Social Security number and birthdate. If you forget your number(s), you will need to come into the Admissions office and present picture ID.

Please be careful with your SID and PIN numbers. They could be used to access your personal information. For security reasons, WVC strongly recommends you change your global PIN on a regular basis.