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WVC Athletic Booster Club

The Wenatchee Valley College Athletic Booster Club (WVCABC) is seeking interested alumni or community members who have an interest in serving on the booster club board or on the WVC Hall of Fame selection committee, a subsidiary board of the WVCABC. Members need not be WVC alumni to be considered. The main criteria is to have an interest in promoting support for WVC student athletic programs at the college. If interested please contact one of the following WVC board members:

  • Jason Hetterle, President 509.860.3226
  • Kyle Vierck, Athletic Director 509.682.6771

STRONG ATHLETIC PROGRAMS are built from within, but the strongest programs are supported internally and externally. Thanks to the Wenatchee Valley College Athletic Booster Club you can take an active role in athletics at WVC.

It takes a huge commitment to be a student-athlete.  At WVC, student-athletes are driven to success on the field or court and in the classroom.  In addition, we ask them to be leaders and role models.  As a result, their commitment to excellence represents Wenatchee and all of North Central Washington.  The best way to support these accomplishments is to join the WVCABC.

In order to stay competitive, outside funding is needed.  "Supporting Knight Athletics helps sustain WVC's future as well as the athletes themselves.  Sports and our athletes significantly enhance the vitality of college life at WVC for all students creating a stronger and more vibrant learning environment,"  said WVC President, Dr. Jim Richardson.