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by Doug Flanagan / College Sports, Wenatchee World
Printed March 23, 2015

Wenatchee World Article

 WENATCHEE – So how does one go about building the longest-lasting dynasty in the history of the Northwest Athletic Conference? For Wenatchee Valley College softball coach Shelly Pflugrath, the answer to that has always revolved around her ability and the ability of her players to willfully detach themselves from the wins, the losses, the championships, the disappointments, and focus on things that they consider to be more important. Take the start of this year, for example. WVC has won the last nine straight East Region championships. No other team in any sport has ever won that many consecutive region titles in the history of the NWAC. But the team knows that the best way to win No. 10 is by not focusing exclusively on that nice, round number. “Our goal is to be the best team we can be,” Pflugrath said. “A lot of things are out of your .. Click to read more. (NOTE: log-in may be required to view the full article).