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Spirit Committee

The Spirit Committee is a group of Wenatchee Valley College employees dedicated to celebrating the WVC community and the people who make it great. 

Our Mission

  1. Build a culture of kindness.
  2. Celebrate excellence at WVC. 

How are we fulfilling our mission?

We fulfill our mission through small gestures of gratitude and appreciation, hosting inclusive events intended to foster a sense of a community, and through recognition of those who go above and beyond at WVC (nominate someone using the form below).

Recognition Nomination Form


Spirit Committee Members

  • Jenny Capelo
  • Joey Walter
  • Erin Tofte-Nordvik
  • Brent Carter
  • Bertha Sanchez
  • Libby Siebens
  • Erika Schenkvonstauffenberg
  • Jocelyn Vincent-Ramsey
  • Tria Skirko
  • Rhonda Yenney
  • Carol Smith
  • Zack Jacobson
  • Bob Greiner
  • Nayeli Cabrera
  • Cameron Painter
  • Lucero Martinez
  • Jonathan Barnett
  • Holly Thorpe
  • Karen Alman
  • René Baca
  • Cheyenne Dirks

 Interested in joining? Email