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Student Email

You have been issued an e-mail account with 300MB of storage space. Your e-mail address consists of your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your student ID number, exactly as you registered for class, followed by  Example:  the e-mail address of Robert Smith would be 

Students may access their e-mail on campus, through Outlook and off campus, through the Web. Microsoft Outlook is automatically configured for students at their first logon to the network. From then on, simply click on the Outlook icon to get your mail from a campus machine.

On Campus Access

Log on to campus computers using your username and password. You can access your student email through Outlook.

Off Campus Access

You can access your email off campus by visiting Login with you username and password. 

Email Client Setup

POP3: You can have your WVC student e-mail account forwarded to your personal e-mail account (such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc).  To set up the POP3 function on your personal email account, you will need the WVC POP3 server name, which is

Spam Control

WVC has selected Proofpoint as its primary line of defense against spam. Proofpoint detects and quarantines spam e-mail messages before they get to an Inbox. Once a day, Proofpoint will send a Spam Digest, which lists quarantined messages, with message handling options.  Take no action regarding these messages and they will be deleted from quarantine in 14 days. Check Help within the Spam Digest for more information on message handling options.

Note: we are not able to assist you with setting up your personal e-mail account. You will need to work with your e-mail provider to do this. In making these delivery choices, students are responsible for selecting the e-mail service(s) they most frequently use to ensure they receive and read official college communications in a timely manner.