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Graphic Design Guide

Suggested Course Sequence: Associate in Applied Science-Transfer
Offered at Wenatchee campus

This is a career program for students who want to enter the profession in two years. They may also choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in art and design, Web design, advertising or related majors at most universities. This program has been designed primarily for full-time students.

Each graphic design class builds on the knowledge from the previous class in the sequence. Students will gain the most benefit by proceeding through the classes sequentially starting fall quarter.

First Year - Fall Quarter Credits
ART 130 Graphic Design Tech. I 5
ART 134 Intro. to Graphic Design 5
ENGL& 101* Composition: General 5
First Year - Winter Quarter  
ART 135 Graphic Design I 5
ART 137 Typography 5
Humanities CMST& 101 Intro to Communication recommended 5
First Year - Spring Quarter  
ART 131 Graphic Design Tech II 5
ART 138 Digital Photography 5
ART 139 Publication Design and Layout 5
Second Year - Fall Quarter  
ART 233 Packaging Design 5
ART 234 Graphic Design II 5
Social Science PSYC& 100 General Psychology recommended 5
Second Year - Winter Quarter  
ART 235 Web Graphic Design 5
Elective** BUS 241 Principles of Marketing recommended 5
Elective** ART 110 Drawing I or
  ART 210 Painting I recommended
Second Year - Spring Quarter  
ART 236 Graphic Design-Branding 5
Math MATH& 107 Math in Society or higher or
  PHIL 120*
Elective** BUS 245 Small Business Management recommended 5
  Total Credits for Degree 90

*Placement score required.

**Recommended electives (select 15 credits):

ART& 100 Art Appreciation ART 143 Science Illustration
ART 107 3D Design, Intro to Sculpture ART 201 Art History: Ancient to Medieval
ART 110 Drawing I ART 202 Art History: Renaissance
ART 111 Figure Drawing I ART 203 Art History: Modern
ART 116 Figure Drawing II ART 210 Painting I
ART 117 Figure Drawing III ART 211 Painting II
ART 132 3D Digital Design 1 Art 220 Painting: Advanced
ART 133 3D Digital Design 2 BUS& 101 Intro to Business
ART 141 Illustration I BUS 241 Principles of Marketing
ART 142 Illustration II BUS 245 Small Business Management
  CMST 130 Survey of Digital Communication