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ATTENTION STUDENTS: Are you looking to check your grades, spring quarter schedule, transcripts and more? Please click the MyWVC button at the top of any page to access your student resources.

Old KIOSK Links

Many of the old KIOSK links can be found via the MyWVC button at the top of the page. Or follow the paths below to find what you are looking for on the new site.

Display my student ID: MyWVC or Admissions/admissions office/display student ID

Web admissions: Admissions/admissions office/get started

Web registration: MyWVC or Admissions/register

Student schedule: MyWVC

Registration time: MyWVC

Unofficial transcript: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/transcripts

Degree audit: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/degree audit

Credit card payment: MyWVC or Admissions/tuition

Student tuition and fee record (1098-T): Admissions/admissions office/1098-T information

Class information: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Student PIN change: MyWVC

Student address change: MyWVC

Employment services: Admissions/support services/career services

Financial aid info: Admissions/support services/financial aid

Course finder: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Complete course schedule: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Continuing ed registration: Admissions/admissions office/get started

Waitlist inquiry and update: MyWVC

Current course catalog: MyWVC or Admissions/current students/course scheduling


Old Home Page: List of Links

Follow the paths below to access the information.

Academic calendar: Admissions/current students/student calendars

Annual schedule: Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Incident reporting and resources: About/safety/safety and security

Book lists: Admissions/current students/bookstore/book lists

Wenatchee campus map: About/Wenatchee campus/campus map

Omak campus map: About/Omak campus/campus map

2016-17 catalog: Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Class schedule: Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Canvas login: Admissions/current students/canvas

Complete course listing: Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Continuing education: Admissions/future students/continuing education

Course finder: Admissions/current students/course scheduling

Degree audit: Admissions/current students/degree audit

Direct transfer agreement requirements: Academics/degree types

Distance learning: Admissions/future students/distance learning

Final exam schedule: Admissions/current students/student calendars

Graduation: Admissions/current students/graduation

MyWVC Portal: MyWVC

Registration: Admissions/admissions office/register

Residence hall application: Admissions/future students/residence hall

Student e-mail: Admissions/current students/student email

Safety and security (video): About/safety/safety & security

Transcripts: Admissions/current students/transcripts

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