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Principles of Accounting III  5.0 Credits
Covers topics and concepts related to internal decision-making for business, to help managers use accounting information to make decisions and achieve control. Topics include an introduction to management theory and concepts, cost terminology, costing techniques, cost behavior, cost-volume-profit considerations, segment analysis, budget analysis, pricing, incremental analysis, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: ACCT& 202 or instructor's signature.          
Item # Dept Crs Sec Days Time Location Staff Seats Fees
Add 0144 ACCT& 203 AO Daily 0800A - 0900A SXT 6017 Choman M 24  
Remove 0154 ACCT& 203 BO Daily 1200P - 0100P SXT 6017 Choman M 13  
Add 5114 ACCT& 203 VC Arranged Arranged ARR Choman M 8 W1

Footnote 1: see course description for prerequisite.