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Sophia Turnbull - "Up Til Now"
Sophia Turnbull Sophia Turnbull, a native of Leavenworth, Washington, has been fascinated by music since at least the age of six. Sophia started her musical training on piano, first with her mother and then with Dr. Oksana Ezhokina. Her study is focused on classical piano. She especially enjoys works from the Baroque period, particularly by J.S. Bach. Sophia will pursue a bachelor's degree in piano performance pedagogy at Washington State University in the fall of 2015.
Mike Roach - "Run"
Mike Roach Born in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Mike Roach moved to Wenatchee, Washington, at the age of two, started learning piano at the age of eight and took up the clarinet and tenor sax in middle school. As he continued his studies in reed instruments, Mike has learned to play a plethora of other instruments including guitar, bass, ukulele and banjo. Mike is active as a member of his church band, the WVC Chamber Singers and the WVC Jazz Ensemble. 
Keturah Thoroughman - "Find My Heart"
Keturah Thoroughman Although Keturah Thoroughman, a resident of Cashmere, Washington, has been singing and songwriting since she was very young, her formal training as a singer/songwriter began with college music theory and ear training at WVC. Today Keturah is active as a guitarist, singer and songwriter who performs often at churches and other venues. She is a member of the WVC Chamber Singers and plays guitar, piano and ukulele.
Teigen Iwaasa - "Alex"
Teigen Iwaasa Teigen Iwaasa is a WVC Running Start student from Eastmont High School. Teigen grew up in musical family where everyone took lessons and enjoyed regular practice. Choosing an instrument that was different from his siblings, Teigen has studied classical guitar with Terry Hunt for eight years. He has also studied violin with Rebekah Poulson, and he plays piano and ukulele. Teigen recently completed his Eagle Scout award and is a member of the WVC Chamber Choir. When not practicing, Teigen has been found enjoying a good comic book (and gardening) from time to time.

Justin Weeks - "My Forever Girl"
Justin Weeks  Justin began studying music when he joined his fifth grade band. While growing up in North Central Washington, Justin's earliest exposure to and memories of music include listening to the Beach Boys with his grandfather. His time listening to music with his grandfather had a profound effect on Justin—not only giving him a love of 60's rock and roll and the Beach Boys sound, but also fostering in him the motivation to pursue a career in music. After Justin graduates from WVC, he intends to seek a degree in elementary music education.
Ryan Goembel - "It Don't Get Better Than This"
Ryan Goembel  Ryan Goembel is a native to the Wenatchee Valley in Washington state. His enjoyment of music began at the age of 13 when he joined the middle school band, first learning clarinet, and then picking up the saxophone, ukulele and piano. Ryan is working to complete his associate of arts transfer degree at WVC, with the intent to transfer to Western Washington University in the fall of 2015. Ryan will pursue a bachelor's degree in historical studies at Western, with further plans to obtain graduate credentials and eventually teach history at the college level. 
Robert Brown - "Honey Dew Blues"
Robert Brown  Robert Brown has been playing drums since seventh grade. Through his public school years Robert has participated in marching bands, jazz bands and church worship teams; he has also been active as a percussion teacher. He is the current drummer in the WVC Jazz Ensemble and sings in the WVC Chamber Singers. Robert's favorite genres are jazz and blues. He plans to pursue a degree in music education after graduating from WVC. 
Juel Iwaasa - "My Shoulder Devil"
Juel Iwaasa  Juel Iwaasa is the program director and full-time instructor for the music department at Wenatchee Valley College. A former community college student himself, Juel holds composition degrees from Brigham Young University. His compositions and arrangements have been performed in Canada, Japan and the United States. He has written for orchestra, film, chamber ensembles and extensively for choir, especially for the WVC Chamber Singers, which he directs. Juel's music influences include Krzysztof Penderecki, Wiltold Lutoslawski, Bela Bartok, Tom Waits and Beck.