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Study Abroad Application

So you are ready to study abroad! Follow the steps below to apply. Or you can print off the Study Abroad Checklist.

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator.
  • Gather all the application materials listed below:
    • Complete the preliminary application (links to WCCCSA How To Apply webpage).
    • Write a one page personal essay (single-spaced, typed).
      Describe the reasons why you want to study abroad, what you hope to accomplish on your journey and how you hope to incorporate this experience into your future academic or career plans.
    • Collect two letters of recommendation (one must be from a faculty member).
    • Print copies of your most recent unofficial transcripts.
  • Submit all your application materials to a Study Abroad Coordinator.
    A Study Abroad Coordinator will then walk you through the next steps in the process. There will be additional forms to fill out that differ based on the program.
  • Pay the program deposit.
  • Pay the remaining program fees by the deadline.
    If you plan to use your financial aid award to help pay for some of the program costs, remember to work with the Financial Aid Office early (509-682-6810). A Study Abroad Coordinator can help you with this step.
  • Prepare to go abroad and make travel arrangements.
    As you prepare to go abroad, start reviewing some of the resources found on this page regarding finances, cultural adjustment, identity abroad and more.
  • Enjoy your time abroad.

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