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Teacher Instructions and Log-In

Teachers must complete and submit a teacher verification form at the beginning of each academic school year.  (You can access the teacher verification form under forms and competencies on the sidebar to the right of this page.)  This form is used to notify Wenatchee Valley College that you are offering a dual credit course.  Upon receipt of your teacher verification form, CTE Dual Credit Staff will activate your teacher account and class offerings in SERS so students have access to sign-up for credits using the SERS site. The form is also the document affirming that a teacher will adhere to the competencies and requirements in the articulation agreement.

Go to  to access the new online registration system (SERS).  This site is accessible to the public and is the starting point for students, teachers, and consortium staff.  It provides log-in functions as well as access to other information.

Please remember, in order to complete the registration process and award college credits to students, teachers must assign grades through SERS after the class is completed and before the end of the academic school year.


  • To log into SERS for the first time, you will need to follow the link provided to you by the CTE Dual Credit staff or sent to you by email from the SERS database.   If you are a new teacher and have not received this information, please contact the CTE Dual Credit staff by emailing
  • For instructions to use the SERS online system, please refer to the CTE Dual Credit Teacher Instructions (PDF).
  • For a complete manual and detailed instructions for use of the SERS online system, please refer to the CTE Dual Credit Teacher Manual (PDF).


Registration instructions for students can be found on the sidebar "Student Registration" to the right of this page.