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ctcLink Pillars

Our ctcLink implementation is made up of three main working systems or pillars; Campus Solutions also known as (CS), Financial Management (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM). There is a great deal of interaction between the various modules of a single pillar, but there are also interactions and reporting between pillars. This topic will introduce you to the three pillars and how the pillars integrate into SBCTC implementation of PeopleSoft.

The ctcLink project staff will be comprised of WVC staff who work in one or more of these pillars.

Where Do I Belong?

Supports all Student Administration business processes. This replaces the student management and financial aid systems (SMS, FAM and Degree Audit), as well providing integration for self-service through mobile technology. Financial Aid and Student Financials processes also work out of the Campus Solutions pillar. CS consists of the following:

Academic Advisement

Used to track requirements and policies that a student must satisfy in order to graduate.
Academic Structure Helps manage academic plans, groups and organizations.
Admissions and Recruiting Helps plan, manage and track admissions and recruitment activities.
Campus Community Enables the management and maintenance of a wide range of biographic and demographic information on people and organizations of interest to institutions, both internal and external. Includes Managing Communications, Comments and Checklists (3C's).
Continuing Education Helps with integrating analytics, promo/waiver code setup, generating marketing and promotional materials, and communications, as well as new student enrollment for Continuing Education.
Curriculum Management (Course/Class) Manages schedule of classes and prepares the course catalog.
Financial Aid Automates federal and institutional financial aid processing for a more efficient operation. It provides flexibility and helps manage financial aid activity for applicants and students.
Student Financials Enables the management and calculation of student financial information for your institution. Calculates tuition and fees, bills customers, and issues refunds. Provides functionality enabling the set up of payment plans for students and implementation of automated collections process. Integrates with the general ledger to properly track and allocate institution's debits and credits.
Student Program and Enrollment (Student Records) Enables you to enter, track and process all academic information from the course catalog and schedule of classes to student programs, plans and sub-plans. Includes Transfer Credit.
Self-Service (Students) Enables advisors, faculty, students and staff members to view and update information. Allows students to pay tuition and register for courses. Also assists advisors, faculty and staff with job duties.