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Secure File Storage

You have 1 GB (Gigabyte) of secured file storage space.  Your roaming profile and My Documents folder are used to store files and data on your secured file storage space.  A roaming profile brings up your personal preferences and files on any student computer loaded with the XP operating system.  When you save files to the Desktop or My Documents folder, they are actually stored on your secured file storage space.  While logged on to a student computer, your My Documents folder is also known as the “H:” drive under My Computer.

In your My Documents folder, you will see a folder for each course you are taking, and a folder called "Personal."  Both you and your instructor can add, change, and delete files in the specific class folder.  Instructors do not have access to the files stored in your Personal folder.  You can also create other folders to organize your files.

Please note:  When customizing your wallpaper, keep in mind that only JPEG image formats will 'stick' in a roaming profile.  Non-JPEG wallpaper images will not follow you from one computer to the next. 

Computer Information

  • While student lab and classroom computers may appear to let you save documents to the hard drive or change the configuration of the computers, every time a computer is rebooted, the machine is restored to its original configuration.  All files saved to the hard drives, and any configuration changes, will disappear, leaving computers in pristine condition for the next student. Only changes made to your profile, or files saved to your Desktop & My Documents folder will be kept.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in classrooms or labs with computers in them.
  • Refer to the WVC Computer Lab Policy at the end of this document for more information on acceptable use of WVC computing facilities.