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Perhaps you already know your area of interest. Research Scientist. Dentist. Chiropractor. Medical Doctor. Veterinarian. Pharmacist. Engineer. You may want to work on cancer research, environmental solutions or study the natural world. You may be drawn to ecology, forensic or molecular sciences, or physics. All of these interests involve the study of Chemistry including the General and Organic chemistry sequences offered at Wenatchee Valley College.

By starting at WVC, you can complete your first two years of a bachelor’s degree while enrolled in small classes (such as 20 rather than 200 students), with highly qualified and experienced faculty members (professors rather than teaching assistants), and at a lower cost.


Explores the basis of drug action, major categories of drugs, as well as risks and benefits of drug use from an individual, social and economic viewpoint. Other topics include historical perspective and ethno pharmacology; delivery, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs; modern drug development and regulation. Prerequisites: ENGL& 101 (Recommended: MATH 097 or MATH 098).