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Earth science courses at WVC include introduction to physical geology, geology of the Pacific Northwest, environmental geology, introduction to astronomy, introduction to weather, a course on earth's changing climate, and special topics and independent study. The Earth Sciences department at Wenatchee Valley College currently offers geology of the Pacific Northwest as an online course, teaches introduction to astronomy as a hybrid distance learning course that meets in person for labs, and makes use of digital learning and communications tools to enrich all its courses.


Study the geologic processes that shape the earth. Determine how the earth works and its history by applying principles of geology, chemistry and physics. Topics include plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks, minerals, glaciers, rivers, geologic maps and the structure of the earth. May include field trips. Includes laboratory. Prerequisites: MATH 093 or higher.

Scientific study of earthquakes, floods, landslides, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, wildfires, asteroid impacts, and other disruptive events. Introduces and applies elements of geology, meteorology, physics, and astronomy. Examines human factors, risk reduction, disaster prediction, monitoring, alert systems, and disaster recovery. Includes historic examples and disasters in the news.

Learn Pacific Northwest geology and geologic history by studying rocks, sediments, landforms, fossils, geologic maps and geologic structures. Examine how plate tectonics, volcanoes, faulting, folding, rock formations, geologic time, mountain building, terrain accretion, earthquakes, glaciers, rivers and floods have created our land and resources. May require field trip(s). Includes laboratory.
Explore how the earth environment controls human existence and how earth itself changes in response to human activities. Study the determining factors and predict the effects of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods, changing climates and human use of earth's resources of energy, minerals, water and soil. Prerequisites: MATH 093 or higher.