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HS21+ and GED® FAQs

High School 21+

High School 21+ (HS21+) is a program at WVC that provides an alternative way for pre-college students to earn a high school credential, using previously earned high school credit as well as life or work experience.

HS21+ is a program by which you can earn high school credit in ABE classes and graduate with an actual high school diploma awarded by WVC and Washington State. It is not an equivalency like the GED® certificate; it's a real diploma.

General Educational Development (GED®) Tests

The General Educational Development, or GED® tests are a series of four tests (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math reasoning) designed to measure your skills and knowledge in that area to determine if you possess high school graduate-equivalent skills.  If you take all four tests and pass each test with a score of 145 or higher, you will receive a certificate of general educational equivalency that in most cases is equivalent to a high school diploma.

No. You may schedule and take any or all of your GED® tests without taking any preparatory classes.