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Resident Advisers

Applications for 2021-22 are OPEN.

We are hiring 2 RAs for certain.

We will hire from 1-3 CAs.

WVC Residence Life has 2 student staff positions.  Both strive to foster student success by facilitating social and academic growth of residents as they live and learn on campus and are student leaders who strive for personal and interpersonal excellence by building relationships and communities in the residence hall.  A key part of both positions is the on call requirement which requires carrying a duty phone and remaining near the residence hall and being available to assist residents who call.  

Resident Advisors (RAs) are the primary student leadership position in the residence hall.  They coordinate social activities and community building and are also the first line in policy enforcement.  We usually hire 2 RAs who are on call for 2-3 nights each week.  RAs receive private rooms and a $500 stipend each quarter, but have a higher hours/week expectation (up to 19) and are not allowed to hold other high time commitment roles on campus.  This includes paid jobs such as Student Senate, CAMP Mentors, but also unpaid activities such as athletics.

read the full RA job description here

Community Assistants (CAs) are a support role that assists the RAs with social activities and simple building upkeep on weekends when custodial services do not work (basically taking out common room garbage).  CAs work much less (6-8 hours per week) and are only on call 1 night per week.  They allowed to have other commitments on campus provided they can balance time well.  CAs receive a $1000 credit per quarter towards their quarterly housing fees.

Read the full CA job description here

RA and CA positions use the same application which you can find here

Residence Life Student Staff Application


2021-22 Residence Hall Hiring Addendum


The residence hall remained open at 50% capacity for the 20-21 school year and will be returning to 100% capacity for the 2021-22 school year. This means we do need at least 2 RAs but the number of CAs may change depending on how many housing applications we actually receive. 

  • We are requiring all residents of the residence hall to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to be eligible to live in the hall.  This requirement extends to student staff as maintaining eligibility as a student resident is the primary requirement for holding an RA or CA position.
  • Even with vaccinations, some social distancing guidelines will probably remain in place and impact social programming and community events. Community building and connection is still the priority; but one-on-one interactions, virtual activities, social media, passive displays, etc. will be the focus rather than large gatherings.
  • Residence Life work is often skewed towards outgoing, extroverted types and/or in-person social interaction skill-sets. We’ll certainly still lean that way, but social media and technology skills, artistic skills for displays, and simple custodial tasks will become more prominent.
  • While we will conduct interviews and training via zoom or in social distanced in person environments, there is still a level of physicality with the job including mail and package handling, learning how to operate the fire alarm system and circuit breakers, room inspections, and building rounds. We make every effort to mitigate these, but they are an integral part of the job and cannot be eliminated.


Please contact the Residence Life Manager, with any questions or concerns about these COVID 19 issues specifically, or about the positions in general.

Residence Life Office: 509-682-6706 /