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WVC Spotlights

Doug Brant

Student: Doug Brant

After graduating from WVC in 2000 with his associate degree, Doug has returned to pursue his bachelor’s degree in nursing, with the long-term goal of continuing on to the master’s level in nursing, public health or pastoral ministry.

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Shannon Rodman

Faculty: Shannon Rodman

Previously, Shannon was an adjunct instructor at WVC and Big Bend Community College. In spring 2019, she accepted a full-time history instructor position in Omak.

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Karen Alman

Faculty: Dr. Karen Alman

 Dr. Karen Champagnie Alman is the Communication Studies Faculty & Department Lead at Wenatchee Valley College. Dr. Alman offers a unique and culturally rich perspective to her students and peers at WVC.

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Elizabeth Ferrell

Student: Elizabeth Ferrell

 Elizabeth Ferrell currently serves as the Director of Health and Wellness of the WVC Student Senate. Her passion for higher education and her determination to make a positive change in the world is inspiring.

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Ellen Ferrell

Student: Ellen Ferrell

 Ellen Ferrell is the Director of Admin Affairs in the WVC Student Senate. Ellen’s perseverance and willingness to be “pushed out of her comfort zone” have paid dividends in developing her leadership skills.

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Luz Estrada

Student: Luz Estrada

 Luz Esbeidy Estrada is the President of the WVC Senate and the Vice President of QSA. Luz is committed to helping others find their voice within a safe community here at WVC and beyond.

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Nikolai Kostka

Student: Nikolai Kostka

Nikolai Kostka is the Director of Legislative and Campus Activities and enjoys sharing about his transformation from a shy, withdrawn teen to a confident and outgoing college student. In his words, “There is just so much you can get involved in here and meet some amazing people while you are at it."

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Lisa De Vera

Staff: Lisa De Vera

Lisa DeVera manages the WVC Service Center, where all the printing and copying for the college takes place. She enjoys interacting with every department on a regular basis and provides excellent customer service to the faculty and staff of Wenatchee Valley College.

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Bob Greiner

Faculty: Bob Greiner

Bob Greiner is the WVC Auto Technology Program Director. He has personally been involved in every facet of the auto industry, which equips him to help guide WVC Auto Tech students in whatever career path they choose.

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Patrick Tracy

Faculty: Patrick Tracy

Patrick Tracy is the WVC MLT Program Director. Patrick's dedication to the success of the MLT program extends beyond educating college students. In his words, "I enjoy the fact that we serve students and we serve the community."

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Michelle Cannaday

Staff: Michelle Cannaday

Michelle Cannaday is the WVC Student Leadership and Engagement Coordinator for the Campus Life Office and also a graduate of WVC, class of 2007. She is actively invovled with all WVC students and the ASWVC on a regular basis.

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Danny Zavala

Staff: Danny Zavala

Danny Zavala is the manager of the Student Recreation Center at WVC. The interaction with students and staff and helping them accomplish their fitness goals is why he loves this position.

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Lynn Mutschler

Student: Lynn Mutschler

After nearly 40 years as a nurse, Lynn Mutschler is back in school for nursing at Wenatchee Valley College. She received her associate in nursing from Tacoma Community College and is now pursuing a Bachelor in Nursing degree from WVC.

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