Stay in the know! Get winter safety alerts.

Stay in the know about delays and closures with these tips for getting the most up-to-date information:

Sign up for text alerts

Receive texts about campus closures and emergencies by texting "CAMPUSALERTS" to 67283. Message and data rates may apply. Learn more about RAVE alerts over text and email.

Where to get alerts

Employees, students and the general public can be notified of any changes from normal college operations through:

We also try to post updates to the homepage and social media if the college is operating normally when there are local school district delays or closures.

Campus closures vs. suspended operations

Not sure if you should come in once you receive an alert? It depends on whether the campus is closed or if operations are suspended. Review the suspended operations and college closure procedure:

  • Closed campusClasses are canceled, but college operations will continue and the college will be open for business. If an employee does not report to work, they must choose one of several leave options available to them (outlined in procedure 1500.600 and policy 200.200) or work from home if mutually agreed upon between the supervisor and employee.
  • Suspended Operations: The procedure used to ensure the safety of public health, property and campus personnel when emergency conditions exist. Campus is closed to students and all non-essential personnel.

All of this information and more about employee leave and compensation can be found on the campus closure and suspended operations procedure page.

Stay safe this winter!