Welcome from WVC Vice Presidents

Wenatchee Valley College logoTo WVC’s Students,

We would like to welcome you to Wenatchee Valley College on this first day of instruction, fall, 2019! Whether you are new or continuing, here in person or online, full time or part time, returning from work, recently graduating from high school, or still in high school, we value you. You are the reason that we are here! Like you, our faculty and staff bring hope and dreams to our work here. We hope that you are able to realize your dreams here at WVC.

You may have noticed a small increase in course fees this year. While WVC works very hard to keep your education affordable, we are working even harder to ensure that we are providing a first rate education that is based on the skills industry demands and knowledge that transfer institutions expect. These fees will support course based supplies, supplemental instruction, and enhanced opportunities. This year, WVC is also providing enhanced support for college and career: check out Career Coach and start exploring your career options based on your interests! (Note: If you don't see your program yet, check back in a week or two. We are continuing to update Career Coach.) 

Visit Career Coach 

Our faculty and staff are committed to shared ownership of an educational journey that started with your decision to enroll here and will finish as you cross the stage with a diploma or certificate in hand. In between, you will need to work hard, collaborate, and build relationships with faculty, staff, and other students. There will be challenges, and when they come, our message is clear: don't give up. Use the various support services we offer (see some links below), reach out to your faculty, and support each other. If you ever get into a financial bind or run short on food, we even have emergency services to help you! You can do this.

Finally, many of you are taking classes in temporary buildings like Sage Hills. We are so lucky to have their partnerships. Please note that students can park in the south parking lot of Sage Hills for free. If you taking classes there, please take advantage!

We are delighted you are here.

It's your education. Own it. Earn it. Succeed.

Wishing you a great year!

Dr. Chio Flores
Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management

 Tod Treat, PhD
Vice President of Instruction