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Frequently Asked Questions

Student - Log in to your Canvas account:

  • To begin logging in, go to the WVC Canvas Login Page
  • You will log in using your CTC Link credentials.

Faculty - Log in to your Canvas account:

  • To begin logging in, go to the WVC Canvas Login Page
  • For your user name, use your employee ID number or CTC Link ID login credentials.

This depends on the type of help you are seeking.

  • Course-specific questions (about course content, assignment due dates, tests, etc): Contact your instructor.
  • Canvas Support: See the Canvas Student Guides, file a ticket or ask the Canvas Community.
  • Questions about Distance Learning: (509) 682-6718. Check the WVC Distance Learning website.
  • Library services: (509)682-6801. Check the WVC Library website.
  • Registration/admissions: (509)682-6806.
  • WVC Student Technology (student e-mail, wireless connection, computer information, etc): call the Help Desk at (509) 682-6550 during business hours, and/or check the WVC Information Technology page.

Instructors use Canvas to manage online courses.

Yes. A WVC e-mail account is created for you when you are accepted to WVC. If you prefer to use your personal e-mail account (ex: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc), make sure the registration office has your current e-mail address.
Some do. Some courses are conducted completely online and others have some required face-to-face meetings. Make sure you clearly understand requirements listed in the footnote for each course you are enrolled in, see course listing, or check with your instructor for clarifications on specific meeting dates, times, and places.
You need the ability to use a keyboard and mouse; to type papers; to use a Web browser; to send and receive e-mails; to open, save and manage files; and to learn how to use new Web-based tools. These skills are learned through practice, so don't let them stop you from taking an online course if you are strong in other skills such as reading and writing, and you are motivated to develop the computer skills you need to succeed. Do a self-assessment to find out if online learning is for you.
Any internet connection will work, but dial-up modem connection is slow and files/pages may take a long time to load. Having reliable access to a high speed Internet connection is preferable. Remember that WVC has computer labs students can use while on campus both in Wenatchee and Omak.
Most courses include online tests. The instructor may have you participate in graded online discussions, and/or take online assessments (quizzes or exams). The instructor may also require that you take these assessments in the presence of a proctor or a trusted supervisor. The instructor will give you specific guidelines for course activities including taking exams and quizzes.

One of four possible answers may apply:

  • Only courses you are taking through WVC will show.
  • The course is missing because your instructor hasn’t made it available to students yet.
  • The course is not "starred" to your Dashboard. Click on the "Courses" icon, then select "All Courses." Check the list that populates for the class that you are looking for, and make sure that the star next to it has been activated (click on the star if only an outline shows, but no color is filled in). This should bring the course up on your Dashboard.
  • You are not officially registered for the course, or have missed a tuition payment. Check with the registrar: (Wenatchee: 509.682.6833; Omak: 509.422.7803)

Your instructor will provide several methods of contact. Use them! Contact your instructor(s) to explain your situation as soon as possible

Some online WVC Online courses are coded as VC and others are codes as WO. There are slight differences in when these courses start and end, drop dates, etc. Generally speaking, online courses run on the same calendar as face-to-face courses. Check the online course schedule.

Courses with section code of VC are taught online by WVC faculty using Canvas and/or instructor website. These courses are only available to WVC students. Courses coded with WO are taught by faculty from other Washington state community colleges. These courses are available to students at several different colleges throughout the state. There are also differences in when these courses start and end; and where to find information about textbooks. See question 10 and 12.

  • For courses coded with VC - Books are available through WVC bookstore: Your instructor may also have the ISBN posted in the online classroom. Alternatively, you can click here to check the list of textbooks information.
  • For courses coded with WO – You need to order books through the eCampus bookstore. Go to the WashingtonOnline Web site and follow the on-screen instructions on how to look up your textbook information and link to eCampus Bookstore.
Most PC (Windows-based machines) and Mac computers made in the last five years and connected using High Speed internet service should work fine. Be aware that you will use Canvas, a Web-based platform used to manage online courses. Canvas works well on a PC with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Mac users may consider downloading Google Chrome and Mozilla Web-browser for Mac. See current hardware and software requirements.
Contact information for your instructor should be available on your course syllabus. If you are not able to locate your instructor, you can contact the WVC Distance Learning program at 509.682.6718.

Yes. Canvas has tracking capability which keeps a record of your online course activities. Most instructors will also require an initial message and some acknowledgement that you have read and understood the course syllabus.

  • Click here to Refer to our Student User Guide for Canvas
  • Discuss any concerns with your faculty adviser or the distance learning staff. If necessary, register for "SDS 102 Online Readiness," a 1-credit course that will prepare you to take distance courses at a later date.
  • Complete Canvas orientation if you have never used Canvas as an online classroom.

Check the Academic Calendar for online classes to find if you may qualify for a refund, and a last day to withdraw or change to audit. 

Usually one week after grades are posted.

Click here to See online advising tools. Contact 509.682.6830 (Wenatchee campus) or 509.422.7849 (Omak campus).

Yes. Whether you are planning to take classes on campus or online, there may be issues of access to web-based instruction and participation that should be explored as early as possible. WVC will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified students with a disability, in accordance with Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act laws, the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973 and Washington State Law. Contact the Special Populations Office 509.682.6854, TTY/TTD 509.682.6853, email: Providing your name, email and/or phone number will enable Special Population Coordinator to contact you. Visit Disability Services web site.

Use Course Finder tools and make sure you clearly understand the course description and requirements listed in the footnote for each course you want to enroll in. Click here to start registration

You can access your records online by going to ctcLink and choose appropriate options like unofficial transcript, address change, tuition and fee records, etc.

  • Go to
  • Your email account will be enabled and active only if you are a current or registered student at WVC.  After you register, your email account will be activated within 24 hours of registering.
  • Your username is the same as your WVC e-mail address which consists of your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your student ID number followed by Example: the email address of Robert Smith would be
  • To set your password for the first time or reset your password, please follow the instructions found on
  • Network passwords must not include any portion of your name and meet the following criteria:
    • From 8-15 characters in length;
    • Contain at least on capital letter;
    • Contain at least one lower case letter;
    • Contain at least one number and special character.
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