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College in the High School Students


  • Enhances ability and skills to do college level work and gain confidence for college success.
  • Saves money by receiving free/reduced tuition college credit and reducing the amount of time after high school to complete a college degree.
  • WVC credits are transferable to all college/universities within the state and many other institutions outside of the state.
  • Students entering the military may earn a higher rank with earned college credit.
  • Provides access to WVC student support services such as WVCportal, ID cards, use of WVC library and tutoring services.
  • Research shows CHS students are more likely to finish college and earn more credits by the second year of college.

High School & WVC

  • Brings WVC and high school administrators and faculty together to develop curriculum, share instructional methods, ideas and experiences that ultimately benefit students.
  • Coordinated curriculum reduces redundancy of courses between high school and college and increases rigor of classes.
  • Meets the goals of new achievement initiatives for students to earn college credit before graduation.
  • High school students who earn credit are more likely to finish college on time which helps meet requirements of completion agenda.
  • Research shows high school graduation rates increase when students are involved in CTE and/or CHS.

Current CHS Students

Scores/transcripts are submitted to the Director of Concurrent Enrollment at Wenatchee Valley College, who ensures student has qualified to enroll in the CHS course.  If the course has additional prerequisites outside of the placement rubric, student must provide documentation of meeting the requirement to the Director of Concurrent Enrollment.  Qualifying students must enroll in the CHS course on their high school campus in order to receive college credit.  The Director of Concurrent Enrollment will then work with qualified students to complete the WVC registration process. Registration is completed on paper and submitted to WVC for processing to ensure that CHS students are enrolled in the specified sections for their high school.  Students must then pay tuition by the 20th day of class, in order to avoid being withdrawn from the course.