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Industry Certification or Licensures

Individuals who have completed training comparable to college-level programs through non-degree awarding agencies or institutions may apply for evaluation of credit as crosswalked. Examples include recognized nursing, fire service, law enforcement/corrections or fire science academies, and other certifications or licenses.

  • For non-crosswalked Industry Certifications and Licensures, at least 15 credits with a 2.0 or better GPA must be completed at WVC before any credit is awarded. For crosswalked Industry Certifications and Licensures there are no credit or GPA requirements.
  • Submission of official records, as well as supporting documentation must be submitted that includes the following: content, level, time period, hours, location, method of instruction, instructors, method of evaluation and achievement.
  • All certifications or licenses must be current and valid and training must be documented with ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training. (If training is not documented with ACE, students should apply for credit using the PLA Course Challenge method.)
  • Training documentation will be evaluated by instructional faculty in the appropriate department to determine the comparability.
  • Approved credits are identified on the student’s transcript as credit for professional certification of training.
  • Credits earned though documented college-level learning, must be related to the theories, practices and content of the relevant academic field and must fall within the regular curricular offerings of an appropriate course or program, but for transfer degrees they may be used only up to a maximum of 15 credits as restricted electives.
  • PLA credit is limited to a maximum of 30 credits required for WVC degrees or certificates.
  • Credit is posted with a “P” grade and will not affect the GPA.
  • There is no fee for crosswalked Industry Certifications and Licensures. If not crosswalked, there is a non-refundable application fee of $25 plus a $10 fee for each credit (same as Course Challenge).