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College Level Examination Program

Students may earn credit by demonstrating competency in a broad subject area or a specific course through the College Board for College-Level Subject Exams (CLEP). Credit is awarded according to the following guidelines:

  • WVC is not a testing site for CLEP and official scores must be submitted for evaluation.
  • There is no credit or GPA requirements before any credit can be awarded.
  • Students must achieve a score in the 50th percentile or higher to receive ‘P’ credit.
  • A maximum award of 10 CLEP credits can be earned in a distribution area (maximum of 5 credits in world languages). No more than 5 CLEP credits can be used to meet the writing skills requirement for a degree. CLEP credit will not fulfill the writing requirement for advanced English composition.
  • CLEP credit is not allowed if credit has been received for a more advanced class.
  • CLEP credit receives a “P” grade, will not affect the GPA and will not apply to WVC residency requirements.
  • PLA credit is limited to a maximum of 30 credits required for WVC degrees or certificates.
  • Additional credit may be considered for the technical degrees.

There is no fee for this evaluation.