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International Baccalaureate

WVC will award credit for the Higher Level International Baccalaureate exam which consists of college-level courses and exams for high school students as crosswalked.

  • WVC is not a testing site for IB and official scores must be submitted for evaluation.
  • There are no credit or GPA requirements before any credit can be awarded.
  • Students may receive credit for the International Baccalaureate higher-level subjects when a score of 4 or higher is earned in selected subjects.
  • When no specific course number is listed, the most appropriate course equivalent is determined on a case-by-case by the appropriate department faculty.
  • PLA credit is limited to a maximum of 30 credits required for WVC degrees or certificates.
  • IB credit receives a “P” grade, will not affect the GPA and will not apply to WVC residency requirements.

There is no fee for this evaluation.