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Any Washington State high school junior or senior can enroll in Running Start, provided that they are already registered or register with a Washington public school district.  The only other qualifications for enrollment are:

  • College-level writing placement scores.
  • College-level math score, if wanting to take a math or math-related course.


  • Qualifying score on the ELA Smarter Balanced Assessment.
  • Qualifying score on Math Smarter Balanced Assessment, if wanting to take a math or math-related course.


  • Grade of C or higher in Algebra 2 or higher at the high school for placement into college-level math (MATH ONLY)


The student must make the final decision regarding if they are ready for college-level coursework on a full time or part time basis. Students are encouraged to seek the guidance of their parents, high school counselors, and college personnel while considering Running Start as an option.  However, ultimately, it is only the student's decision to pursue this pathway. For more to consider see What to Consider First.

Home School and Private School Students

Home school and private school students must register with a public school district to take advantage of Running Start.