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Spotlight: Doug Brant

Doug Brant

Doug Brant is a student who weaves his personal interests and his professional pursuits together. After graduating from WVC in 2000 with his associate degree, Doug has returned to pursue his bachelor’s degree in nursing, with the long-term goal of continuing on to the master’s level in nursing, public health or pastoral ministry.

Doug Brant, WVC student in RN - BSN program

Doug is currently employed as a part-time nurse in Spokane, teaches guitar and serves as a worship leader at his church. He commutes once a month to Wenatchee for his classes. He expressed his appreciation for the leadership training that is included in the RN to BSN program.

“I recognize the importance of being trained in this way – the leadership perspective is a paradigm shift,” Doug said. “This program stood out above the others I considered, and when I discovered that I could get my degree here for about the same amount of money as the least expensive online option, it made sense.”

Doug is no stranger to health care profession.

“Nursing is very familiar in my family – my mother and her three sisters were nurses, my sister is a nurse and my cousin is a nurse practitioner, four other cousins are nurses, my brother in law is a doctor and my uncle and cousin are also doctors,” he said. “Nursing is a good practical degree and I enjoy working with people, so it just makes sense.”

Whatever path he ends up choosing, he said it will involve helping others.

“My motivation for higher education involves experiencing greater self-awareness and greater connection to God. You can’t really separate any part of the human being. Nutrition, life style, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being - all of this is very closely connected,” he said. “In Isaiah 45:2 the Bible says, ‘I will make the crooked places straight’ and I’d like to help others in that way. I would like to learn how to put these pieces together in a way that is accessible to people for their entire wellbeing.”