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Emergency Procedures


The president, dean or designee shall read the violation statement: "I am (name and title). By the authority vested in me by the president of Wenatchee Valley College, you are advised that you are in violation of the college policy having to do with demonstrations. College disciplinary action and/or civil action may be taken. Under the provisions of the state criminal trespass law, you are hereby given notice that your privilege to remain in this building (office or otherwise) is revoked. Your continued presence here is considered a criminal trespass of this building and a violation of the civil disturbances law as it pertains to colleges, and you may be subject to a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment in jail of not more than six months or both. I hereby order you to leave the building (office or otherwise) immediately. If you defy this order and do not leave within (5 or 10) minutes, you will be subject to prosecution under the civil disturbances law or the Criminal Trespass Act which constitutes a misdemeanor upon conviction."

If deemed appropriate, contact the local police department and request assistance. If that agency cannot provide the assistance, contact the local county sheriff's office.

Supersedes 2.P.21
Adopted by the board of trustees: 4/11/01
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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