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Commercial Activities


The mission of Wenatchee Valley College includes serving the educational and cultural needs of communities and residents throughout the service area. To fulfill the mission, it is often necessary for the college to provide goods, services, and facilities for a fee, which will enhance and support the experience of students, employees and members of the public participating in college events. At the same time, the college is aware that providing goods, services, and facilities for a fee may be construed as competing with local private businesses. The college president or designee is authorized to approve legitimate sales of goods and services, and renting of facilities consistent with the college mission.

Supersedes 2.P.05
Adopted by the board of trustees: 5/10/00
Renumbered from 600.180 and adopted by the board of trustees: 4/11/01
Revised and approved by the president’s cabinet: 9/10/13
Adopted by the board of trustees: 10/16/13
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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