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Allied Health Disclaimer


Students considering an allied health program at Wenatchee Valley College should to be aware that Washington state law (RCW 43.43.832) permits businesses or organizations that provide services to children, vulnerable adults or developmentally disabled persons to request criminal history records. Facilities used for clinical work experience in the allied health programs require criminal history clearance before beginning any clinical activities. Criminal record checks are required of all students accepted into the allied health programs within 45 days of beginning the program. Conviction of certain crimes may prevent completion of clinical course requirements (thereby preventing completion of the program) and may prevent further licensing and employment in the healthcare field.

Supersedes 6.P.19 and policy 300.310 Health Occupations Disclaimer
Approved by the president’s cabinet: 11/5/19
Adopted by the board of trustees: 11/20/19
Last reviewed: 10/30/19
Policy contact: Dean of Allied Health

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