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Computer Lab Use


This policy governs the use of computer labs on campus. These labs include the library and any other instructional areas that have student access to computers. Violations can be subject to prosecution and/or loss of student access to computer labs.

  1. Labs are open only to registered students of WVC and those covered through cooperative agreements.
  2. Students may not modify, reconfigure, or tamper with any computer hardware or software, nor may they attempt to gain unauthorized access to any computer network. Attempting unauthorized access to computer networks is a violation of both state and federal laws.
  3. Intentionally introducing a computer virus into any Wenatchee Valley College computer system is a violation of both state and federal laws.
  4. First priority is given to classes that have scheduled time in the lab. Second priority is given to students doing homework and research for currently enrolled classes. Lowest priority is given to students “Surfing the Net” or other non-instructional activities. A student may be requested to give up their position to another student with higher priority, and depending on demand for services, a time limit may be imposed.
  5. Printouts are limited to academic work. Printing limits will be determined as is necessary for each lab. These limits will be clearly marked and enforced. Failure to comply with set printing limits may result in the loss of computer lab access.
  6. Any use of the computers in Wenatchee Valley College labs must comply with the State of Washington’s Community and Technical College Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  7. Accessing obscene, abusive, or highly offensive material is not allowed.

Supersedes: 7.P.24
Approved by the president’s cabinet: 5/15/03
Approved by the board of trustees: 6/4/03
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Policy contact: Technology

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