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Classified Promotional


To the extent that this policy addresses terms or provisions covered under collective bargaining agreements for represented employees, the terms of the collective bargaining agreement will control for those represented classified employees.


The college recognizes the value to employees and the organization of investing in our employees´ development and in providing opportunities for career growth within the organization, and as such, recognizes the importance of promotional opportunities for qualified employees. This policy addresses requirements of WAC 356-16-150 by defining promotional candidate, promotional units and preference in the recruitment and certification process. This policy is one tool to use in encouraging employee engagement within the organization and is to be used in conjunction with the college’s certification procedure and associated Chapter 357 WACs and college policies and procedures.


To be considered a promotional candidate, an employee must apply for the position, meet the competencies and other requirements of the position, and successfully pass any required examination, and be:

  1. A current classified employee of Wenatchee Valley College who applies for appointment with the college to a class with a higher salary range maximum; or
  2. A former permanent employee of the college seeking to return from separation due to disability or layoff within two years of separation.


In accordance with WAC 357-16-055, Wenatchee Valley College has established the following promotional organizational units for the purpose of promotional recruitment and hiring:

  1. College-wide (internal)


Recruitment for new and vacant positions is typically open to internal and external audiences. If the college limits recruitment to a promotional organizational unit, the college will identify the promotional organizational unit in the recruitment notice.

The college may also make organizational unit promotion postings available to other organizational applicants as follows:

  1. Classified employees in the unit who wish to transfer, move laterally or voluntarily demote; or
  2. Professional staff who wish to apply for a classified position.

The application of an internal classified employee will be considered before those of other applicants provided the individual meet all job competency and skill requirements. Such consideration does not extend to include any preference in the selection and hiring process.

If the college is not able to fill a position from the organizational promotion applicant pool, the position may be reposted without the organizational unit promotion restriction.


The duration of an applicant pool is generally no more or less than three months from the initial certification date. An applicant pool can be canceled or extended at the discretion of the chief human resources officer or designee.


Exceptions to this policy may be granted in accordance with the WAC and college procedures when they are determined to be in the best interest of the college.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 8/30/11, 12/30/14
Adopted to the board of trustees: 10/19/11, 1/21/15
Last reviewed: 5/13/23
Policy contact: Human Resources

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