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Tobacco Free Campus

Wenatchee Valley College went tobacco free on June 17, 2013. The use of all tobacco products is not allowed on college property and smoking materials must be extinguished and disposed of prior to entering any college property. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.
Read the Wenatchee Valley College Tobacco Free Campus Policy and Procedure
View Tobacco Free Policy FAQs
View video: How to Talk to a Smoker (from Portland Community College) 


What does this mean to me?
A tobacco-free campus means that everyone refrains from using any tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars or pipes and smokeless or chewing tobacco in WVC buildings or on WVC premises. This includes, but is not limited to all sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas, recreational areas and buildings on any WVC property and in any WVC owned, rented or leased vehicles.
Why did Wenatchee Valley College go tobacco free?
We’ve heard from you: tobacco is unhealthy. It smells bad, causes health problems and litters our beautiful campuses. That sentiment comes from students, faculty, staff and visitors.
A tobacco-free campus creates a healthier environment for all of us. It helps people who want to quit using tobacco. It helps reduce the number of new tobacco-users.
How will the new policy be enforced?
Ultimately it is everyone’s responsibility to follow college policy while on college property. We ask that everyone remind each other that we are a tobacco free college. In addition to verbal reminders, failure to comply with the tobacco free policy could result in disciplinary action.
Are you ready to quit or want more information?
If you are interested in quitting smoking or you know someone who may be interested. This is a good time to gather the information and decide when to take the first step.
We've got resources:

It's the Law: No Smoking or Vaping until Age 21 poster and information

10 Ways to Resist Tobacco Cravings from the Mayo Clinic

Quit Tips and Quit Smoking Resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

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Teen and Young Adult Vaping - FAQs from the Department of Health

Free Quit Smoking and Vaping  Apps for your phone from the Department of Health

WA State Tobacco Cessation Resources for Health Care Providers from the Department of Health

WA State Tobacco Quit Line: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669)

Quit smoking application for your smartphone

Health Effects of Second-Hand Smoking from Visually

What you should know about e-cigarettes from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

The Cost of Smoking - The Benefits of Quitting & Expert Strategies for Becoming Smoke-Free from Moneygeek

There are programs to help you quit through your insurance programs such as: Uniform Quit for Life program.
Living Tobacco Free