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Returned Checks (students)


All checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be assessed a fee. Refused credit/debit card charges will also be assessed a fee. Admission to or registration for classes with the college, conferring of degrees and issuance of academic transcripts may be withheld for failure to meet financial obligations to the college. Failure to satisfy payment of tuition and fees may result in a student being withdrawn from classes. All unmet financial obligations may result in the account being sent to a collection service. Notification will be sent prior to being submitted to a collection service. All collection fees are the responsibility of the check writer and/or the student.

If a student writes two checks (including third-party checks) which are returned, his/her privilege of check-writing will be denied. This applies to checks written at the cashier’s station, the bookstore or any place else at the college. The cashier will notify the bookstore when any check is returned so that an accurate list is kept at both locations.

Procedures and fees will be accessible through college publications and will comply with Washington state policy.

Presented to the board of trustees: 10/15/08
Adopted by the board of trustees: 11/19/08
Last reviewed: 10/25/22
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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