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  1. Review eligibility criteria for membership in MESA. If you: 

    1.  Are the first one in your family to go to college

    2. Are at an economic disadvantage

    3. Are part of a historically underrepresented group. Underrepresented groups include African American, Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, and female identified persons.

    4. Are enrolled in, or have previously completed MATH 98 (Elementary Algebra) or higher

And plan to ultimately complete a four-year degree in a STEM field, MESA can help!

  • You can apply if you are a US citizen, a permanent resident, DACAmented, a DREAMer, or undocumented. 

  • Running start and high school completion students are welcome to apply

  • Review the student contract to ensure you can commit the necessary time and effort to be successful in MESA

 MESA teamwork