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WVC MLT Regional Sites

The WVC regional sites include Wenatchee Valley College at Omak, Walla Walla Community College, and Blue Mountain Community College. As long as current clinical training agreements continue, most regional MLT students are not required to spend any time training in Wenatchee and can complete the entire program in their own community.

The first year MLT series (MLT 100 and 102) is completed in-person or online through Wenatchee Valley College. An interview is a required application component for students applying to the Walla Walla Community College site or the Blue Mountain Community College site.

During the second year, courses MLT 213, 223, 233 and their associated laboratory courses (MLT 214, 224 and 234) are taught by the use of interactive TV (ITV) classrooms, laboratory or audiovisual materials. Please contact Patrick Tracy, Wenatchee Valley College (WVC) MLT Program Director (509.682.6678 or for further details. All students at program sites other than Wenatchee and Omak may be required to pay for test proctoring and iTV services.

Students interested in completing the MLT program through one of the regional sites should follow the application steps outlined on the admission page. Brand new college students can start by contacting the WVC Allied Health Educational Planner (509.682.6844) to get started.