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Applicants for the Nursing program at Wenatchee Valley College (WVC) are required to take the TEAS® Exam and meet the minimum score requirements. This is a multiple-choice assessment of basic academic knowledge in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage.

Students are required to take and pass all sections of the TEAS® Exam in the same test session. Qualifying scores are valid for two years.

General Information

  • The test is $65 plus tax and $5 proctoring fee
  • Requirements for online testing:
    • Install Google Chrome on your device. You will not be able to take the proctored assessment with any other browser.
    • Have a school or government-issued ID card available.
    • Find a well-lit space, and be ready for a room scan prior to the assessment.
    • One piece of blank paper to be used during assessment. Please destroy the paper upon completion of the exam
    • Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external.
    • Webcam: 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external.
    • Desktop or laptop computer (NO iPads, tablets, or phones are to be used) with the ability to download Google Chrome.
  • The test can take up to four hours
  • Students may not use calculators
  • Students must earn a minimum Adjusted Individual Total Score of 58.7% or higher
  • Additionally, students must earn a minimum cut score in each category:
    • Reading 69% or higher
    • Mathematics 63.3% or higher
    • Science 45.8% or higher
    • English and Language Usage 60% or higher
  • Students must earn these minimum cut scores all within the same test session
  • Scores will be available to students immediately following the test
  • Qualifying scores are valid for two years

Study Materials

There are a variety of study materials available and below are a few recommendations. Please note, the TEAS® test changed as of July 1, 2016 so ensure that any study materials you use are preparing you for the updated TEAS® Exam (not the TEAS® V). We recommend you visit the WVC library to view the available resources before deciding to purchase your own study guide.

Some students also find it helpful to test early. When you take the TEAS®, your score printout will list Topics to Review, giving you a clear sense of the areas you need to improve in order to get a higher score. 


Spring 2021 test dates will be posted in winter 2021.


Online Testing

The TEAS is also available online through ATI's website. Please visit their website for more information. The fee is $115 plus tax with 1 free transcript sent to the institution. The exam is usually offered twice a week and testing slots are limited.
Repeat Policy

Students are allowed to take the TEAS® Exam two times per calendar year at Wenatchee Valley College. No less than 30 days must pass between each attempt. The full fee  must be paid each time the test is taken.