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About MESA

What is MESA?

MESA logoMathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is a grant-funded program that supports faculty in their efforts to increase participation, retention, and transfer of students in STEM degrees.

MESA administrative team supports faculty to identify, enroll, and connect eligible students with faculty experts who provide specific support services.

Who is MESA?

MESA is students!
Any first–generation, low–income, and historically underrepresented student (African American, Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, Pacific Islander, female) pursuing a math–based STEM degree is eligible to join the MESA program. 44 percnt of students at Wenatchee Valley College in STEM degrees are from historically underrepresented groups. 35 percent are female identified.

MESA is administration!
The MESA administrative team consists of the Program Director, Retention Coordinator, and Faculty Sponsor. Please let us know how we can support you!

MESA is you!
MESA is not a stand-alone program. Instead, it is designed to provide targeted support for faculty to improve student transfer outcomes in STEM fields. The support services include academic excellence workshops (AEWs) that teach students how to successfully master complex technical ideas and principles using a collaborative, peer-facilitated approach with the help of faculty experts. Faculty can also work with students who are interested in independent projects that enhance research capabilities and conceptual understanding. Students who participate in independent projects learn to use scientific practices and can interpret original sources; qualities that will help them be great scientists and engineers.

How can you get involved?

  • Spread the word! Students can only access MESA resources if they are officially enrolled in the program. Please encourage all eligible students to apply. Printed materials for your office and/or classroom are available from the MESA team.
  • Join us! Faculty in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geology, and engineering are valuable experts that support MESA students to become the STEM leaders of the future.
  • Do you enjoy training students to become experts in their field? You can join MESA as an AEW Expert.
  • Would you love to have students do independent projects? You can join MESA as a Research Expert.

About Washington MESA

The MESA program at Wenatchee Valley College started in 2017 with a MESA Community College programs (MCCP) expansion grant from Washington MESA. MCCP help underrepresented students in Washington State to achieve their full potential and contribute in the fields of mathematics, engineering, and science. Washington MESA receives funding from the National Science Foundation and the State to support twelve MCCP across the state. Washington MESA is an affiliate of the national MESA program. It is one of eleven “MESA states” providing enrichment opportunities in mathematics, engineering and science for underrepresented students in grades K-14. The Washington State program is the most established with a unified curriculum and approach.

Other MCCP in Washington include:

  • Columbia Basin College
  • Edmonds Community College
  • Highline College, Olympic College
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • Yakima Valley Community College


For more information, contact the MESA Team!